Is There Any Better Alternative Than Court Ordered Domestic Violence Classes?

Although it might not be as complex as it is believed, but thanks to years of negligence, the meaning of domestic violence is very obscure for many. People constricts it to just the physical form of abuse, when in reality any form of aggression in a relationship- physical, economic, psychological and emotional comes under the category of domestic violence.

Understanding this abhorred thing:

In 2014, in UK over 1.4 million women and 700,000 men were the victims of domestic abuse. Same was the case in North America, particularly United States where it is believed that 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic brutality during her lifetime. As big and gruesome are these numbers, they are still said to be under reported. The reason why domestic violence is under reported is not out of fear but because many victims don’t really realize that they are the ‘victims’. But up till recently, judiciaries around the world are doing what the leading organizations and therapists of court ordered domestic violence classes has long been suggesting- ditching the narrow and conventional definition of domestic cruelty and expanding its horizon. Today, this termbroadly includes-

Physical abuse (hitting, choking, pushing, more)
Economic restrictions
Unwanted sex
Marital rape
Psychological harassment
Verbal abuse
Isolating from friends and family

Domestic violence includes much more than the above mentioned acts of course. All carry judicial punishments- jail term, fine or both

Are online classes the sole solution?

Domestic violence is a much more serious problem to have such a straightforward solution- court ordered domestic violence classes. Different cases call-in for different solution path; it depends on the severity, the form, the occurrence interval, the abusers’ trigger point and much more. If one is going through domestic hostility, they can root for few effective solutions-

Court ordered domestic abuse classes (for victim)
Couple counseling
Psychologist (for abuser)
NGOs working in this niche

When couple counseling works

Couple counseling is best for instances when domestic abuse doesn’t occur often, and when it does there are legit reasons behind that. Besides the abuser accepts her or his responsibility and want ways to workout the relationship with their partners.

When a psychologist can work wonders

Domestic violence is the responsibility of the abuser and not the battered partner. The reason behind the cruelty could be a lot more complex than what it might seem at first. The abuser might have some kind of emotional trouble or psychological condition, which needs professional attention and treatment.

Judiciary offering active assistance

Judicial system is at the dispose of the victims all the time. One can approach them at anytime, which is often suggested. But in case if the partner wants to save the relationship even after the domestic aggression approaching cops and courts are the last option that victims choose.

When NGOs work

NGOs that deal with the domestic aggression cases are one of the best helpful sources for the victims; but unfortunately, this option is not as popular as the other ones. These NGOs have years of experience and includes many professionals that specialize in this area. They can help the battered victims resolve their problems in many ways- from counseling to filing case in the social or judicial court.

Online classes can be really helpful

When the severity of domestic violence is not extreme and does not call-in for Judiciary and psychologist, court ordered domestic violence classes are the best alternative. These classes help the victims come up with ways and strategies to tackle and stop the violence conveniently and eventually save the relationship- but there’s more to it than this.

Over the course of time, these help the victims become more confident, self-reliant, and self-sufficient. And above all, if the therapists find one’s case severe and outstanding, they might suggest the other alternative solutions like the ones already mentioned- psychologist and judicial courts.