Recommendations on Writing a Video Production RFP

You’ve decided you want a organization video and want to hire a video production company. Unless you know specifically what you want and how you want it produced, selecting a production enterprise can be a daunting course of action. Issuing a request for proposal (RFP) can be the greatest means of sourcing video production talent if you are hunting for input from experts – some new concepts on how best to convey your message. By providing the production organization information in crucial regions you will be providing essential information and facts necessary for a meaningful quote. Here are some tips and required information for your RFP:

1. In your RFP give a brief outline of the video purpose – to generate more web leads, to educate viewers about a new solution or approach, to produce excitement about a new item launch, and so forth. This will help the video business recognize your objectives and objectives.

two. Give an estimate of the length of the video. Recall, less is far more, especially with net video. Intro company promo videos are very best kept two-three minutes lengthy. Educational videos can be longer but usually hold in thoughts the video should be focused and hold the viewers’ attention. If you want your video to cover two distinct topics look at building two separate short videos. Delivering the video length(s) will give the producer details needed for quoting.

three. Specify the shooting location – your workplace or plant or do you need a studio?

four. What is the necessary style of your video? The video could be a solution demo, testimonial interviews, message from the President, product comparisons…detail as much as you can.

5. Who will be in the video? Staff members, plant employees, happy clients, specialist actors?

six. Do you demand specialist narration or will enterprise employees provide the dialogue and narration?

7. What is your timeline? When do you need the completed solution?

eight. What are the deliverables? DVD, Blu-ray, YouTube or Flash Video, Broadcast or a mixture of formats?

9. Do you have a price range in thoughts? This may well sound at first like you are opening a Pandora’s box, however, if you envision a video with higher production good quality but never give information that would lead the producer to this conclusion the producer may possibly quote on a production level that does not meet your expectations. 1 way about this is to ask for production value alternatives. For instance, with a spending budget of $2000 (or less) what can you provide? What can you present for $4000 or $10000?

Constantly recommend how you want the RFP response structured. For the sake of comparing responses you may well ask the quoted price tag stated in the cover web page. You could have a detailed list of information required in a specific order such as:

Cover Letter, Contact Details, Production Crew, Project Production Method, Operate Plan, Relevant Project Knowledge, three Buyer References, Detailed Quote, DVD Demo Reel

Often state the RFP closing date and time for responses, how responses ought to be delivered (hard copy, e-mail or each) and that late responses will not be thought of.

Have you observed a video style you genuinely like? If so, provide a link so the Producer can get a superior notion of what you want.

For larger projects you can ask for:

• A Video Treatment. A treatment is a statement of the project showing that the producer understands what you want to accomplish with your video and offers a summary how the video will be created.

• A detailed function program displaying milestones at definite dates that you present.

• Gear list. This could enable you figure out which producer has the far better tools to do the job. If you or a member of your RFP group are not familiar with video/photographic equipment this could be meaningless info. Hold in thoughts a lot of professionals do not own all their equipment – they rent it to preserve pace with the newest and latest readily available. You could ask what equipment they would use and how this would add to the overall production level of the project.

• Danger Mitigation. Identify the probable locations of danger and what plans will be in place to decrease risk. This could cover crew replacement in case of illness, unfavourable climate circumstances and if something happens, ‘what is Plan B’?

• You can even state your scoring system for responses, for instance 20% for encounter with similar projects, 20% project price, 20% consumer references, 20% demo reel, 10% completeness of response, ten% understanding of project and top quality of response.

What to look for in a video RFP response? Right here are essential regions to support you pick out your ‘preferred producer’.

• Did headshots and branding in your expected format? If the response is incomplete, did not arrive ahead of the deadline or not in your stated format this ought to speak volumes.

• Has the Producer worked on related projects? Do they have some information of your company, item or service? Does it appear they researched your enterprise ahead of they produced a written response – did they do their homework?

• Examine their video treatment, tactic and operate program. You are hiring pros who can bring you fresh concepts. A producers’ inventive talent is their greatest asset. How can they apply it to your project?