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This Show Is Super Comedy On Aha: Tamasha with Harsha

Tamasha with Harsha show is airing only on Aha, you must definitely watch and enjoy the funny way of interviewing celebrities. This show is all about knowing the star and making them do more fun activities. It has many stages and rounds of playing. Comedy web series online can be watched on Aha. Watch Tamasha with Harsha web series online only on Aha.

Show Details:

Tamasha with Harsha is a very simple and fun show. It will make you laugh with the unique way of interviewing. Talking about the harsha, he is the current top comedian in telugu and he has worked on many short films before. He is very spontaneous in whatever he does and puts audiences engaged with it. There are many top stars in the show. Many celebrities had fun and were interested to visit the show. It is a very very lively experience because the live band behind gives you an amazing feel and music if wanted. The people who played the music also were sportive and made the geist feel better. Take a note of the set up, this show has the huge and amazing set up. It’s very comfortable for the guest and even for the audience who are watching it on screen. It looks simply classic with lights and music. The vibe of the show is completely different from any other show. The show contains a total of 7 episodes, where different celebrities like Niharika, Navdeep, Kartikeya, Payal Rajput and many more. The funn rounds will include pictionary and many more. The guest answers were very interesting and loved. You will definitely enjoy the show because it is filled with fun rounds and activities.


Technical Aspects:

  • The set of the show is just excellent, it looked completely classy because of the lights and portraits. It just sends you a good vibe when you watch the show it is all because of the pleasant background set up.
  • This show needs to be watched for the host, Harsha has been a great host with crazy spontaneity and supermanners. He becomes friends with the stars on the show as well. His efforts are seen clearly on the screen.
  • Must talk about the live band, it is very innovative to have a musical band on the set. The band gave really relatable and fun music. You will definitely enjoy the continuous live and fun music.
  • The plot of the show is very unique to have a talk show with the celebrities and making them do different fun activities like pictionary and many more.
  • The guests were the sweetest of all because they answered and played all the rounds in a very sportive manner and were friendly about everything.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 7 Episodes 22 minutes each.

Released: 6th Nov 2020

Gener: Talk show, comedy

Watch comedy web series online only on Aha. Watch Tamasha with Harsha web series only on Aha.

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